As many as 5,000 farm vehicles blocked a highway in Spain during one of several protests by the country's agricultural sector over fair prices for food products.

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New Zealand extends ban on arrivals from China on coronavirus fears

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"Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday acknowledged a report that he spent more than $8,600 on cheesecake in under 10 years"

WARNING! House Schedules Backroom FISA Reauthorization Hearing Without Sunlight, While FISA Court and DOJ Delay... via @TheLastRefuge2  #KAG  @realDonaldTrump  #AmericaFirst 

A movie about class struggle that you have to read — of course Trump doesn’t like it

whistleblower Philip Haney found dead of single self inflicted gunshot. THIS IS A LIE. I KNOW HIM - THERE IS - N O. W A Y - HE KILLED HIMSELF. I WILL BELIEVE EPSTEIN WAS KILLED BY A TEAM OF CUTOUT PAPER DOLLS BEFORE THIS. Tomorrow Radio#blazetv 

Trump’s proposed 2021 budget: $15.6B for Border Patrol $2B for the wall $9.9B for ICE $456B in cuts to Medicare providers $70B in cuts to disability insurance $170B in cuts to student loan forgiveness

Millions of Chinese firms face collapse If banks don’t act fast

South Korea reports 161 new cases of coronavirus, brings total to 763

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Dublin, CA Columbus, IN Pascagoula, MS Dallas, TX Tulsa, OK Pittsburgh, PA Pierce County, WA Danville, IL Warren, MI Cape Coral, FL Brown County, TX Detroit, MI These are a few places where Americans defended themselves with guns last month and OF COURSE the media stayed silent.

Chinese Canadians say they've experienced racism with the spread of coronavirus around the world.