Florida / Officials

A beached manatee was rescued from a Florida beach after the eight-foot male was found dry and "in crisis." Officials and members of the public kept the manatee wet until a rescue stretcher arrived to take the mammal for treatment.

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Florida / Officials

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Video of insurrectionists stealing documents on the senate floor. “I think Cruz would want us to do this so I think we’re good.” Great work, @tedcruz  (Full video and article at @NewYorker  )

#BREAKING Plane carrying Kremlin critic Navalny leaves Berlin for Moscow

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Veteran War Correspondent Luke Mogelson shot extraordinary and disturbing video during the Trump Mob Insurrection for @NewYorker ⁩. MAGA followers attacking police officers and chanting “Fuck the Cops”. These thugs are anti-cop and Anti-American.

Thousands of Covid-19 vaccines are ending up in the garbage because of federal and state guidelines.

A former C.I.A. officer convicted of illegally disclosing classified information was told Rudy Giuliani could help get him pardoned...for $2 million.

"I'm not going to lose my son at the end of 2020 and lose my country and my republic in 2021," Rep. Jamie Raskin says as he presses forward with impeachment articles while mourning his son. #CNNSOTU 

“Where the fuck is Nancy?” a rioter asked as he entered the Senate chamber.

California could be facing the strongest wind event of the season starting Sunday night, forecasters say

#ArnabChatGate: Did Arnab Goswami have advance knowledge about India's post-Pulwama strikes?

In an incredibly poignant, heartbreaking moment @RepRaskin  told @jaketapper  he refuses to lose his son in 2020 and his "country and republic" in 2021.