Secretary Mike Pompeo / President Trump / President Ukraine Rudy Giuliani / Joe

"You just gave me a report... none of which I've seen," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells @MarthaRaddatz  when asked about a report that President Trump pressed the President of Ukraine to work with Rudy Giuliani to investigate Joe Biden's son.

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Secretary Mike Pompeo / President Trump / President Ukraine Rudy Giuliani / Joe

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Fact Checker: Trump hits 13,435 misleading or false claims as day 1,000 draws near

The Trump video is really just an expression of how common it is on the right to publicly express fantasies about mass murdering their countrymen, in between complaining about civility and the lack of respect liberals show them.

#BREAKING US troops in northern Syria ordered to leave country: US official

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Worth emphasising the scale of the disaster Trump has wrought in the week since his call with Erdogan. 1. Revived Isis. 2. Cemented Assad’s grip on Syria. 3. Handed Russia yet another geopolitical windfall. 4. Betrayed the Kurds. 5. Immeasurably harmed US power. Thread 1.

New Mexico, Maine and other states are celebrating their first #IndigenousPeoplesDay  as part of a trend to move away from a day honoring Christopher Columbus.

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Carr: "we have an absolute right to know about American war crimes in a conflict that the Australian government of the day strongly supported – we wouldn't know about them except for Assange"

The worst typhoon to hit Japan in years has killed up to 56 people. - Many towns in eastern Japan are heavily flooded - About 30,000 people in shelters - 100,000+ rescue workers searching for missing or helping trapped people

This gives you an idea of how big tonight’s (so far, touch wood) peaceful rally is. Photos via @StandNewsHK  ’s FB page

If the video was of Biden shooting a bunch of MAGA types in a church, I'm sure the "lighten up, it's a video" crowd would hold the same position.