Eric Swalwell / Barr Treasury Sec Mnuchin

2020 candidate Eric Swalwell calls for "immediately impeaching" AG Bill Barr and Treasury Sec. Mnuchin. "They're front-door obstructors, and they're holding, burying the evidence that we need," he tells @TheView .

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Eric Swalwell / Barr Treasury Sec Mnuchin

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If Trump , per Pompeo's claim, was really interested in fighting corruption in Ukraine or U.S.-Ukraine relations, he would have enlisted the DOJ & FBI to act & have used our MLAT treaty with Ukraine to do so. If there any evidence that these channels were used? I've seen none.

Uncovering the Real Corruption. @WaGuJohnSolomon  exposes the Bidens’ & Obama State Department’s corrupt ties to Burisma Holdings. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Most dangerous places to live, 2019. 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nigeria 4. Argentina 5. India 6. Peru 7. Kenya 8. Ukraine 9. Turkey 10. Colombia 11. Mexico 12. UK 13. Egypt 14. Philippines 15. Italy 16. US 17. Indonesia 18. Greece 19. Kuwait 20. Thailand (InterNations)

Betraying American Workers. Senator Mike Lee refuses to hold a public hearing on his Green card giveway bill. #S386  #NOS386  #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

After nearly 14 years in power, Bolivia's President Evo Morales has announced his resignation, but it is not yet clear who will succeed him. Morales' announcement was followed by violent clashes with buildings set on fire in La Paz.

Blackpink @ygofficialblink  becomes 1st K-pop group to have music video with over 1b YouTube views #BLACKPINK  #BLACKPINK 뚜두뚜두1BILLION뚜두뚜두1BILLION

The search for a missing 5-year-old Florida girl has expanded into Alabama, and an official says the girl's mother has stopped cooperating with police

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The last time that @DevalPatrick  considered a presidential run, he called it off one day after this @zachdcarter  report was published. He may be hoping that you forgot that he made money helping a GOP billionaire rip off black middle-class folks. I didn’t.