PURE JOY: 4-year-old Maya, who has cerebral palsy, takes her first steps on her own. Her glee will melt your heart. "I'm walking!"

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#Coronavirus: Beijing struggles with shortages of hazmat suits & protective masks

ICYMI: Artificial intelligence and deep fake videos have become a major talking point in Davos, stimulating discussion about the overall trust in emerging technologies #wef20  #reutersdavos 

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The State Department is organizing a flight out of virus-hit Wuhan to extricate diplomats and a limited number of private U.S. citizens

In this community in southwestern England, houses can only be painted certain colors, like pastel pink and eggshell blue. There are homes for bees. The layout is designed to discourage speeding and encourage walking. Prince Charles is the landlord.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "The health care system that we want is Medicare for All, no cracks in the system, every single human being in the United States of America deserves to be able to go to the doctor."

Here's how an official Super Bowl football gets made

Ethiopia needs to boost its economy. Their solution? Privatization