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NEW: Sec. of State Rex Tillerson calls Robert Mugabe's resignation "a historic moment for Zimbabwe." https://t.co/0A3cPUU3bw
Pres. Trump speaks publicly for first time on allegations against Roy Moore: "Roy Moore denies it," he tells @CeciliaVegaABC. "He totally denies ithttps://t.co/lEP3qP8dT2."
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LIFE LESSONS: Brooklyn Nets basketball player takes 25 kids shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, teaches them how to actually calculate a budget for a Thanksgiving meal. https://t.co/Zqvpn94sKL
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Rep. Frederica Wilson on recovery of additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson in Niger: "Why doesn't the White House just give us a full report?...How much can a Gold Star family take?" https://t.co/lcWDIHeagj
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Rep. John Conyers denies report alleging he sexually harassed female aide, leading to five-figure payout funded by taxpayers. https://t.co/FgU4D1HNow
Pres. Trump on recent spate of sexual misconduct allegations: "Women are very special...I'm very happy a lot of these things are coming out"
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Pres. Trump to @CeciliaVegaABC, in first on-camera comments on embattled candidate Roy Moore: "Roy Moore denies it...he totally denies it."
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Community effort: Indiana family hangs warm clothing on 'blessing fence' for anyone in need to take. "It started as just an idea." https://t.co/klqOLUrPJb
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@ABCPolitics MORE: Kremlin provides readout of Trump-Putin call, including discussion of Afghanistan and Iran nuclear deal.https://t.co/PRJAia79FL https://t.co
NEW: White House provides readout of call between Pres. Trump, Russian Pres. Putin. https://t.co/PRJAia79FL
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