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Latest Scoops

Donald Trump Jr. arrives in India to help sell luxury apartments in Trump-branded developments. https://t.co/di3kXsSBEw
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At Skywalker Sound, artists use a variety of props to perform thousands of sound effects that make up the “glue” of the soundtrack of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." https://t.co/vUJ8x7B5WU
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Shocking video shows a man pushing a woman to the ground in an apparent road rage incident in Nashua, New Hampshire. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the police are investigating the incident. https://t.co/tHUJhbZmgT
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Surveillance video shows a teenager in Philadelphia bringing a gun to a school entrance, one day after the mass shooting at a Florida high school left 17 people dead. https://t.co/8ogdvsRv59
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Funerals are being held today for Cara Loughran, Gina Montalto, Carmen Schentrup and Peter Wang. The four Florida teenagers were among the 17 people killed in the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. https://t.co/ng0XqaAfMt
Mexico's vast Sac Actun cave system, "probably the most important underwater archaeological site in the world," is threatened by pollution and development, experts say. https://t.co/LzpYEKIulE
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NEW: Robert Mueller's team has charged an attorney with making false statements to the Special Counsel — the latest set of charges in the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. https://t.co/NcqBeXmgWD
Lucky whale watching tour gets an incredible close-up visit from two fin whales in Dana Point, California.
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Teen caught on camera bringing gun to entrance of a school in Philadelphia, one day after the Florida high school shooting that left 17 people dead. https://t.co/ITH9HnMEFy
Intense Syrian government shelling and airstrikes of rebel-held Damascus suburbs kill nearly 100 people on the deadliest day in the area in three years. https://t.co/NcC0PTepmz
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