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Latest Scoops

NFL teams respond to Trump's comments, calling them "uninformed and divisive," expressing "100%" support for players https://t.co/JBOkUUtL92
Stevie Wonder takes "both knees" in response to Pres. Trump's NFL comments as other public figures speak out. https://t.co/Ud0ENuKhux
70% see North Korea as serious threat to US, ABC/WaPo poll finds; 62% don’t trust Trump to handle it responsibly. https://t.co/BB5HhsIWS1
Pres. Trump calls for NFL owners to 'do something' about kneeling players. "I think it's very disrespectful to our flag and to our country."
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Florida bride-to-be donates food to needy after Hurricane Irma leads to canceled wedding. "This was so worth it." https://t.co/bHzPIXe8Rs
Members of Japanese search and rescue team pull small dog from the rubble, five days after deadly Mexico City quake. https://t.co/i4TEAUTcI2
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Trees lay strewn across a road in St. Croix in the aftermath of Hurricane #Maria. "It's like a bomb went off." https://t.co/Deag2bSTUQ
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Sen. Graham directly addresses fellow GOP Sen. Rand Paul, saying new health care bill would "save a lot of money." https://t.co/Hgr7ZaUeJu
66% of Americans, including 37% of conservatives, think Pres. Trump has done more to divide than unite the country. https://t.co/zj76ymARxY
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Footage shows damage left behind after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm. https://t.co/NCneqPtdhA
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Aid begins to flow to Puerto Rico amid growing crisis in towns left without fresh water, power or phone service https://t.co/4SOuFzj4Ly
Motorist pulls over to capture footage of a towering dust devil spotted Sunday in Tempe, Arizona. https://t.co/bclkqOcQ6M
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Witness recounts church shooting outside Nashville that left one dead and six injured. "He was just shooting." https://t.co/gRKfVGoHj3
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Voting systems in 21 states were targeted by hackers ahead of the 2016 presidential election, DHS says. https://t.co/gieJwB5FCB
Experts say this weekend's eruption of Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City is not related to recent earthquakes. https://t.co/pqbUU52RbI
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Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins accept White House invitation from Pres. Trump. https://t.co/5xw8tSafDY
Girl collects more than 2,300 pairs of silly socks for fellow patients in hospital. "It takes a special person." https://t.co/3t0ulUn0tl
Trump's new travel ban adds Chad, Venezuela and N. Korea to original list of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. https://t.co/Z14va86YjL
Tropical storm watch issued for N. Carolina coast, from Surf City up to the Virginia border, as #Maria moves north. https://t.co/6qGct7Jr90
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9-year-old Girl Scout honored for saving mom from overturned car. "She said, 'Mommy I'm right here. Come to me.'" https://t.co/s53oAzljkB
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