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Latest Scoops

Son of a British woman who died after being exposed to Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok calls on Pres. Trump to discuss his mother with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin at U.S.-Russia summit. https://t.co/OJQEITBV7s
Empire State Building lit up in the colors of the French flag tonight in honor of France’s World Cup victory. https://t.co/Kt3KEU3psf
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Heart-stopping video shows two toddlers dangling from a window as Good Samaritans race to help the children. Both toddlers were rescued uninjured. https://t.co/2dPhDUFtDb
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Looters took advantage of wild World Cup celebrations in Paris, targeting this scooter shop, and stealing bikes and equipment. https://t.co/XtMru1tnhF
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Fellow climbers came to the aid of a man stranded at the peak of Mt. Hood, requiring air transport off the iconic mountain. Every member of the climbing and rescue teams was brought to safety. https://t.co/JeyggVR0vV
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CVS says it has begun an investigation after a white store manager called police on a black woman over the legitimacy of her coupon. https://t.co/qP5sFQ7sGp
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Body cam footage shows police shocking a 19-year-old with autism with a taser. https://t.co/v2oCgZrGhE
Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot claim responsibility for dramatic on-field protest during World Cup 2018 final. https://t.co/xH344Z4z00
National security adviser John Bolton on the Mueller indictment of Russian agents ahead of Pres. Trump's meeting with Putin: "I would say in fact, it strengthens his hand...I think the president can put this on the table and say this is a serious matter" https://t.co/l6wdXv4QQT
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Finnish newspaper places hundreds of billboards in support of free press along Trump, Putin routes in Helsinki. https://t.co/BvQpKxR6xk
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