Nine News Melbourne

Nine News Melbourne

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Holiday and wine destination the Barossa Valley in South Australia is reeling under the new tourism restrictions. #9News 

It's about to become even more difficult to enter Queensland with tougher border control measures set to be in place by the end of the week. @ShannonMM9  #9News 

U.S. President @realDonaldTrump  has backflipped on his own ambitious Easter recovery deadline, now admitting that target date could in fact be the peak of America's coronavirus battle. @AmeliaAdams9  #9News 

More than 30,000 people have now died around the world from COVID-19 and Europe accounts for the majority of those fatalities. @benavery9  @sophie_walsh9  #9News 

There's relief in sight tonight for tens of thousands of small business owners, who can't afford their rent because of the COVID-19 downturn. @eddy_meyer  #9News 

They're used to the big stage, but some of the world's most popular music stars had to settle for their living rooms - performing for a special coronavirus concert. @TimArvier9  #9News 

Fruit growers are concerned they may lose valuable crops if there aren't enough pickers, as the coronavirus pandemic continues. #9News 

Two workers at a Coles store in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne have tested positive for the coronavirus. #9News 

As health workers prepare for a wave of coronavirus cases, some folk are doing their best to help them lighten the load. #9News 


A pet beagle, distraught after losing her litter of puppies, has adopted a baby possum. #9News 

TERRIFYING: This is how quickly a #bushfire  can overrun you. Within three minutes, fire crews at Shoalhaven in NSW, go from setting up for property protection to fleeing for their lives due to a change of wind. Always have your bushfire survival plan ready. #9News 

This man was spotted practising extreme social distancing at a Melbourne shopping centre. #9News 

A pet beagle, distraught after losing her litter of puppies, has adopted a baby possum. #9News  |

BREAKING: Former basketball star Kobe Bryant has reportedly been killed in a helicopter crash. #9News 

WATCH: The kind-hearted moment a concerned Adelaide resident offers a very thirsty koala a welcome bottle of water. #9News  Hot weather continues: