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Jodie Maree Powell’s attempts to discipline her nephew included banging his head against the wall, throwing a knife at his leg and striking him with a carving fork, power cord and belt. #9News 

A new device is being trialled in patients with type two diabetes to combat one of the main complications of the disease. #9News 

The small in-expensive device measures tiny pulses of blood in the leg to identify abnormalities such as blockages that can lead to gangrene and amputations. #9News 

The Amazon rainforest is burning at an unprecedented rate, with fires hitting record numbers this year. #9News 

A man has been charged after an alleged hit-and-run near Mullumbimby almost two months ago. #9News 

One of Australia's recycling heavyweights has collapsed with debts of $100 million, plunging the struggling industry even further into crisis. #9News 

County officials are concerned that a surge of visitors will crowd campsites, gas stations and public medical, internet and cellphone services. #9News 

A dirt bike daredevil from Mudgeeraba has set a new world record! #9News 

A report warns top Australian universities are taking a multibillion-dollar gamble with their dependence on Chinese students. #9News 

#GALLERY : President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the proclamation of Hawaii statehood, making it the country's 50th state in 1959 #9News 


Police have stepped in after a gender reveal ceremony took a turn for the worst. The explosive finale was captured on video, with the daredevil driver slapped with a hefty fine: @njkelly9  #9News 

Die-hard fans of have gathered at Pacific Fair to try and catch a glimpse of the Youtube sensation. #jeffreestar  #9News 

A high-risk expedition in the Amazon has reunited an isolated group and eased tensions with a rival tribe near the border with Peru. #9News 

Rosie was a little too keen for a beach day...Paw-fect execution. Vid: Shannon Johnston. #9News 

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WATCH: Two nine-year-old girls have gone on a rampage at a Helensvale shopping centre. @JordanFabris9  #9News 

Over half-a-million Australian workers are set to miss out on $80 million in penalty rates this Easter and Anzac Day period. #9News 

A Southport golf course has been forced to relocate a randy kangaroo who was terrorising players with unsportsmanlike behaviour. Report in #9News 

#WATCH : In a sign that snake season is well and truly on its way, a Tallai resident captured this vision of two pythons outside her home. Full details at 5.30pm #9News 

Two lucky Gold Coast kids will take to the stage tonight, chosen to perform alongside Justin Bieber. #9News