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Nine News Brisbane

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FOUND: #9News  has located the first of three women who entered Queensland from Melbourne, breaching border restrictions. The trio are coming to the end of their mandatory quarantine period. @RMorrison9  has the full story at 6.00pm.

The WA Government is hoping to pass emergency legislation today to block Clive Palmer from suing the state for nearly $30 billion over a failed mining deal. #9News 

Victoria's death toll is rising, with 21 new deaths recorded overnight. @reid_butler9  16 of those are linked to aged care: #9News 

#BREAKING : There are reports a person may have fled from hotel quarantine in Toowoomba @RMorrison9  For more: #9News 

Australia has suffered its deadliest day of the #coronavirus  pandemic, with 21 deaths and 410 new cases recorded in Victoria over the past 24 hours. #9News 

Pharmacies have been added to the list of places where Queenslanders can get tested for #COVID19 . Premier@AnnastaciaMP  said " is another way we are keeping Queenslanders safe." Read about it: See the full story, 6.00pm on #9News 

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A large portion of masks are made from polypropylene – a plastic material known to take up to 500 years to decompose. #9News 


BREAKING: Former basketball star Kobe Bryant has reportedly been killed in a helicopter crash. #9News 

#BREAKING : A bomb has been found in a car in Christchurch, around three kilometres from where the original shooting took place #9News 

Two Queensland paramedics have received worldwide recognition for granting a terminally ill patient her final wish. #9News 

In November, Chinese scientist He Jiankui sparked international outrage when he announced that twin girls had been born with modified DNA to make them resistant to HIV. #9News 

WATCH: The moment a trapped soccer team were found in a cave in Thailand. #9News  Read more:

The new snake species is about 30-40cm long, and features thin white bands, and fatter black bands along its body. #9News 

Jacinda Ardern has firmly put Scott Morrison in his place, as the New Zealand Prime Minister spelt out what she thinks Australia should do about climate change. #9News