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ICYMI: The Alberta government plans a busy fall legislature sitting aimed at adding jobs and diversifying the economy while focusing on tamping down the renewed surge of COVID-19.

Jason Nixon says money from the pass has been used entirely on upgrades to the park, located just west of Calgary.

Crash on NB Deerfoot Trail at McKnight BLVD, over to the right hand side. Drive with caution

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"The only reason that somebody elected to office can be removed is if they committed an election law violation." Removing Sean Chu from office is near impossible, says a political science professor.

Crash on SB Deerfoot Trail just south of Glenmore Trail, blocking right hand lanes

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“We recognize it isn’t ideal to be asking gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men questions that aren’t asked of other donors,” it said.

Some American workers are deciding whether to quit their jobs and careers in defiance of what they consider an intrusive COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

How did the image of Mounties come to be so powerful? Why is the RCMP so resistant to reform? And if an ongoing investigation into Canada’s largest shooting reveals that their actions made a bad situation deadly, will even that be enough to change things?

“These deliveries will provide sufficient supply to provide a first dose to every eligible Canadian child,” Procurement Minister Anita Anand said.


UPDATED: In a near-unanimous vote, Calgary City Council votes to end conversion therapy. #yyc  #yyccc 

Twenty-three kids in Alberta have been hospitalized with MIS-C, a serious condition linked to COVID-19 that can result in organ failure. @JoJo_VixK  learns about the symptoms and consequences of the inflammatory syndrome from . @tehs1  #COVID19AB  #MedTwitter 

Due to how many Albertans feel the provincial government has handled the pandemic, calls for Jason Kenney, Tyler Shandro, and Dr. Deena Hinshaw to step down from their respective roles have increased exponentially.

A Calgary political scientist says it's time for Alberta's premier, health minister, and chief medical officer of health to resign. @slasuik  reports. #COVID19AB  #yyc 

JUST IN: Mining company Teck Coal has been fined $60 million for contaminating waterways in southern British Columbia.

In the pursuit of youths who stole candy and ice cream from an Ogden convenience store, Calgary Police officers detained an innocent Black boy at a playground.

Alberta is one of the few provinces where voters think the current premier is doing a worse job during the pandemic than his predecessor would.

ICYMI: An outbreak of the Delta COVID-19 variant at Calgary’s Foothills Medical Centre, where fully vaccinated people tested positive, is raising concerns about vaccine efficacy.

Nine days from premier’s last appearance, the hashtag #WhereIsKenney  topped the Twitter trends at various times throughout the day.

A committee that is supposed to consult Albertans on coal development in the Rocky Mountains won’t be able to ask questions about water or land use.