Bob Woodward

“I say the president is the wrong man for the job.” Bob Woodward says he came to this conclusion “based on evidence, overwhelming evidence.”

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Bob Woodward

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Giants announce Saquon Barkley out for season after torn ACL confirmation:

After USPS carrier shot, Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail because it's too dangerous

It's a "lasting" disadvantage that has currently lasted for six years (since the last Dem Senate majority) or ten (since the last time Dems had a supermajority), and it may not outlast 2020.

Coronavirus live updates: Quebec reports 586 new cases, biggest one-day jump in four months The number of hospitalizations increased by 10 to reach 148.

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RCMP tells @BTMontreal  their operation in Saint-Hubert is to execute a search warrant at a residence in relation to the packages sent to the White House and five locations in Texas. The location is linked to the suspect arrested at the border near Buffalo. #cdnpoli 

15% of Rs 31.3 lakh crore corporate debt under stress @niti_kiran 

Will the @RBI  tighten liquidity? What view will it take on inflation? @Latha_Venkatesh  discusses with the #CNBCTV18  Citizens' MPC ahead of the RBI's #MPC  meet on Oct 1.

Is there any space left for the @RBI  to cut rates in this financial year? @Latha_Venkatesh  discusses with #CNBCTV18  Citizens' Monetary Policy Committee ahead of the RBI MPC meet on October 1

U.S. Justice Dept weighs stripping federal funds from New York City and two other cities for allowing 'anarchy'

Sir David Attenborough says he hopes the younger generation is more aware of climate change. His new film, a retrospective of his career, highlights the severity of the climate crisis.