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In 1974, Egil Krogh, who once ran Nixon’s “White House Plumbers,” tasked by the president with plugging leaks, told Mike Wallace why he believed President Richard Nixon did not know of and did not take part in the Watergate cover up.

“People didn’t even know me and they hated the idea of me,” Trevor Noah says about the beginning of his tenure as host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has had his political opponents beaten and thrown in jail and passed legislation making criticism of the government a form of treason. Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the loss of democracy in Nicaragua.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the UK has welcomed Russian oligarchs, and asking few questions about their fortunes. Fmr. MP Dominic Grieve’s 2019 report found it was so easy to wash dirty money in Britain, the visa program became known as the laundromat.

“This is London’s core industry. This is what we do: transforming thugs into aristocrats 24-hours a day.” Journalist and author Oliver Bullough showed @BillWhitakerCBS  around London to explain how the London “laundromat” works.

In 2018, Nicaraguans revolted. Thousands took to the streets to protest Ortega’s proposed cuts to social security for seniors. The demonstrators were met with force. Thousands were injured, 700+ were arrested, and at least 350 were killed.


President Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, gave us a heavy book that she described as the president’s health care plan. It was filled with executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive healthcare plan.

Once an avid runner, Dr. Anthony Fauci, now 79, power walks. Since receiving death threats, he is now accompanied by a security detail.

Arnav Kapur, a student in MIT’s Media Lab, has developed a system to surf the internet with his mind. He silently Googled our questions and heard the answers through vibrations transmitted through his skull and into his inner ear.

When we interviewed Peter Navarro, the White House official tasked with coordinating national PPE supplies, he was, at times, more interested in questioning 60 Minutes' record than discussing the Trump administration’s preparations for COVID-19.

Three former administration officials tell us President Trump “pressured” government officials to direct wall contracts to Fisher Sand and Gravel. The company has been awarded almost $2 billion in contracts, despite questions about the quality of its work.

The copy of the Homeland Security order to arrest and detain all adults who crossed the border illegally to seek asylum was censored. What the White House didn’t want the public to see was that child separation began 9 months earlier than initially acknowledged.

“The version of Facebook that exists today is tearing our societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world,” says former Facebook employee France Haugen. She points to Myanmar, where the military used Facebook to launch a genocide.

No, the government didn’t massacre billions of birds and replace them with drones. The Birds Aren’t Real conspiracy is pure parody, meant to mirror the absurdity of conspiracy theories that have taken flight across the country, says founder Peter McIndoe