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Former NFL players and their attorneys say a landmark concussion settlement between the NFL and its former players had been implemented in a way that made it harder for Black players to get dementia payments.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of September 11th, we will republish some of the most memorable stories that aired on our broadcasts in the weeks and months after the attacks.

60 Minutes will be back next week. A look at what’s ahead in our 54th season:

The Ritchie Boys were responsible for uncovering more than half the combat intelligence on the Western Front during World War II. For the many German-born Jews in their ranks, defeating the Nazis was heartbreakingly personal.

“I forget a lot… and my speech isn't the same… I don’t go out at all pretty much anymore,” says former Baltimore Ravens player Clarence Love. After six seasons as an NFL cornerback, he tells @WesleyLowery  that he suffers from cognitive impairment.

In an hour, we cannot do justice to the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11, nor to the sacrifices of the NYC Police Department, the Port Authority Police, and those who died trying to save lives at the Pentagon and on Flight 93. We honor their memory.


Peter Daszak is a British-born American PhD who’s spent a career discovering dangerous viruses in wildlife, especially bats. In 2003, he warned 60 Minutes a pandemic was coming. Two weeks ago, NIH funding for his virology research was killed.

President Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, gave us a heavy book that she described as the president’s health care plan. It was filled with executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive healthcare plan.

Once an avid runner, Dr. Anthony Fauci, now 79, power walks. Since receiving death threats, he is now accompanied by a security detail.

When we interviewed Peter Navarro, the White House official tasked with coordinating national PPE supplies, he was, at times, more interested in questioning 60 Minutes' record than discussing the Trump administration’s preparations for COVID-19.

Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt says his office, which runs the vote count, has received death threats.

Three former administration officials tell us President Trump “pressured” government officials to direct wall contracts to Fisher Sand and Gravel. The company has been awarded almost $2 billion in contracts, despite questions about the quality of its work.

“I say the president is the wrong man for the job.” Bob Woodward says he came to this conclusion “based on evidence, overwhelming evidence.”