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Watch reporter @LiamBartlett9  's full interview with Jimmy Lai and the @60Mins  story 'R.I.P Hong Kong' in full on @9NowAU  : #60Mins 

60 Minutes can reveal new evidence that ALAND was not required to meet its obligation to fix any damage its construction site might have caused next door at Mascot Towers, where more than 130 homeowners were forced to evacuate last year. #60Mins 

54-year-old identical twin sisters Ellen Carbone and Melanie Mertzel only have photos to show each other about the first 23 years spent growing up apart. Watch 'The Experiment' on @9NowAU : #60Mins 

The problem with this cladding lies in the combustible recycled plastic between the exterior sheets of aluminium. It’s now considered so dangerous, insurance companies are refusing to provide cover for buildings unless developers can prove the cladding they use is safe. #60Mins 

Professor Nancy Segal is one of the world’s leading experts on twins. She says our fascination with twins and triplets comes from the way uniqueness, or lack thereof, challenges our beliefs about identity. Watch the full story on @9NowAU : #60Mins 

Today is #WorldElephantDay , celebrating the magnificent species and the fight to save them from extinction. In 2018, #60Mins  met the inspirational all-female team of African warriors dedicating their lives to protecting these gentle giants. Watch on @9NowAU :

#60Mins send our warmest congratulations to @BindiIrwin  and her husband Chandler Powell who have announced they are expecting their first child! More than 18 years ago, Bindi's doting dad Steve Irwin opened up about his love for his daughter. Watch:

UPDATE: Russia has become the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for use despite international concerns about the injection's safety & effectiveness. There are 25 vaccines currently in clinical trials and more than 100 more in development, according to the W.H.O. #60Mins 


Just two weeks ago the head of Emergency at Wuhan Central hospital went public, saying authorities had stopped her and her colleagues from warning the world. She has now disappeared, her whereabouts unknown. #60Mins 

Angered by China’s threats to democracy in Hong Kong, Drew and a few other students organised a peaceful protest at the University of Queensland. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a group of pro-China protestors. #60Mins 

8.30 SUNDAY on #60Mins  | One-on-one with ! On life, love & an EXCLUSIVE glimpse behind the scenes of his new direction.

EXPOSING JEFFREY EPSTEIN: The billionaire businessman’s international sex trafficking ring and its alleged links to the Royal Family. This Sunday on #60Mins , the brave victims fighting to bring Epstein and his sick secret club of abusers to justice.

Do you believe climate change action is essential in the ongoing fight to fire-proof Australia? #60Mins 

"My job is to make people happy!" Pop's shooting star @EdSheeran  - 8.30 TOMORROW on #60Mins .

Today marks #9YearsofOneDirection  - the anniversary of arguably the world's most popular boy band! Look back on #60Mins ' 2013 interview with the @onedirection  boys, Harry Styles, @zaynmalik , @NiallOfficial , @Louis_Tomlinson , @LiamPayne :

It’s the biggest mystery of our time – where is MH370 and what brought it down? 8.30 SUNDAY | Revelations the whole world is waiting for. The pilot’s shock plan, the passengers’ final seconds and a forensic twist all uncovered ONLY on #60Mins .