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#YourQuestionsAnswered by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam: Should people with learning disabilities have been given priority vaccinations sooner? #AskJVT  | #5NewsTonight 

"The death toll around the world is awful. It'll take years of study, formal inquiries, to get to the bottom of it all" #YourQuestionsAnswered : Have you been frustrated by the Government's handling of the pandemic - could fewer people have died? #AskJVT  | #5NewsTonight 

Elephants in the UK are helping to tackle human wildlife conflict through an innovative HEAT project. Over 30,000 thermal images of the elephants at @ZSLWhipsnadeZoo  have been taken - it's hoped the collection can be used to support the survival of threatened species.

@ZSLWhipsnadeZoo  The project is creating a system of thermal cameras to accurately identify elephants in the wild around the clock. This then sends an alert to any nearby people living around the elephants so they can avoid any conflict situations.

PODCAST: "It doesn't matter if you're disabled, everyone's disabled in space - technology provides answers" Could you be Britain's next astronaut? Dr Alice Bunn reveals @spacegovuk 's hopes for space travel, moon landings and Mars missions. Listen here:

The campaign to give tenants the right to have a pet. Currently, 100,000s of people living in rental accommodation are banned from having animals in their homes - something which campaigners say has made the pandemic even more of a struggle. @AndrewRosindell  | #APetInEveryHome 


“The fat cats keep the money and us lot get nothing” – Theresa May is confronted by Cathy, who has learning difficulties, in Abingdon Market

"It's like she's evaporated into thin air." Midwifery student Joy Morgan has been missing since Boxing Day when she was last seen at a church celebration in east London. Her mother Carol and brother Earl have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

"I've made a living out of making meals from thin air and hope - but you can't, you literally can't" @MxJackMonroe  has expressed their outrage at the food parcels which have been sent to families as part of the free school meals scheme. #FreeSchoolMeals | #5NewsTonight 

Todd kept asking this company for a job as a scaffolder, then one day they gave him a trial shift - the rest is history. He's just been announced as the UK's Best Apprentice. @onthetoolstv 

There's a penis on this tube seat. It's there to make men aware that 9 in 10 Mexican women are harassed during their commute #noesdehombres 

Arise, Sir Kenny Dalglish! The Liverpool legend has received a knighthood for his services to football and charity. #5News  | #LFC  | |

Lou Macari may have enjoyed fame long before Marcus Rashford was born but his work during the pandemic is no less vital. His homeless shelter, the Macari Centre, has seen demand soar - giving each person a place to live, and a new chance in life. @LouMacari10  | @peterlane5news 

BREAKING: UK regulators have issued a warning that people who have a history of “significant” allergic reactions should not currently receive the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, after two people who had the jab on Tuesday had allergic reactions. #5News 

A fashion blogger who has lived in the UK since she was 10, fears she will be deported to Zimbabwe. Rutendo Tichiwangani portrays a luxury lifestyle online - but has now asked her followers for financial help a month before her visa ends. #Visabae  |