The next single is…. GOOD GIRLS. You can preorder the EP from Oct 10 (excl. US/CA/MX) #5SOSGOODGIRLS 

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I would always rather write a script and find out what happens than do an outline and guess.

Even if you aren’t at Dreamforce in person this year, you can watch and participate online. Tap “Set Reminder” below to get notified when the keynote starts and watch live!

#JustinBieber spotted at the dance studio amid whispers of a 2020 tour 🤫

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The Diana Diaries: Princess Diana & Prince Charles Make Their First Trip to United States #RoyalReport 

“You Stay” is a form of dirty macking right?

🎥 @netflix  and @Nickelodeon  are teaming up on a new deal to produce both new and revived TV shows and films. Read:

Farmers pose naked with sheep, cattle and dogs for charity calendar

My last post of the day! Today we’re going to take a 2 hour road trip just me and my baby...... I’ve been gone all year shot 3 movies in a row..... #DaddyDaughterTime  we’re going to watch movies and laugh and catch…