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Latest Scoops

Homicide in KCK overnight. Details on 41 Action News.
Jordan live at the Western Farm Show, Lindsey in the weather center this morning with a look at your weekend forecast, and Richard in the anchor chair with all the news from overnight. It's on 41 Action News.
Police in Ohio lead lost pot-bellied pig home with Oreos
R. Kelly arrested on Friday, facing 10 felony sexual abuse counts
As students exit buses, impatient driver uses sidewalk
New Halo Hair Foundation providing wigs to women fighting cancer

The Most Relevant

Protesters interrupt Trump's rally saying he is a "racist"
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Doctors concerned that 'Tide Pod' meme causing people to eat laundry detergent
While @Chiefs are busy over at Arrowhead Stadium, the @Royals are polishing up their Mario Kart skills on Crown Vision. 😂 #LetsRoll #chiefskingdom #royals
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#BREAKING: University of Missouri police announce arrest of suspect who posted threats on YikYak. #Mizzou
'Miracle baby' born after 21 weeks celebrates her first birthday --
Pet raccoon, stoned off of too much weed, brought to Indianapolis firehouse. Confusion ensues.
British police sketch of robbery suspect mercilessly mocked by Facebook users –
What a difference a day makes in the Midwest...
Happy Valentine's Day, Kansas City! 💘💕
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