Tennessee Democratic / Wednesday / Rep​

The Tennessee Democratic Party's executive committee on Wednesday voted to remove state Rep.​

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Tennessee Democratic / Wednesday / Rep​

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Flashback Friday to when Nipsey Hussle jumped in front of a man to protect him from the police 🙏

JUST IN: A senior defense official tells @CBSNews  Defense Secretary Esper has given the order to return all active duty troops brought into the capital region to their home bases.

Boxes containing more than 2,000 Black Lives Matter cloth face masks intended to protect protesters were seized by law enforcement agents in California:

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UPDATE: Facebook is currently showing these two ads, which encourage lethal violence against protesters, to tens of thousands of people "Everybody looty until the roof starts to shooty"

“The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white people’s imaginations. " @RealDLHughley  examines the forces that enable police violence against black folks.

Happiest dogs ever 💜💜💜

NAACP Legal Defense Fund president Sherrilyn Ifill says she's alarmed by the Trump administration's call to "dominate the streets." See the interview, Sunday.

Minneapolis council president confirms it: Police will be 'dismantled' ​and replaced with a 'transformative new model of public safety'