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Big news. Hotel quarantine is officially a thing of the past for fully vaccinated international arrivals in Victoria.

Victoria will recognise six different COVID-19 vaccines 👇

"It's no good surviving everything that we’ve all gone through, to come out the other side and make a choice that puts you at risk."

Horrible, horrible news. The circumstances are under investigation.

"I just can’t understand the stupidity,"

NOW | Melbourne's hospitality scene is back in business! @TomElliott3AW  is coming to you live from the @glenferriehotel  this afternoon, party shirt and all! You can listen live this afternoon at , or via the app.

"Don't thank the politicians – the reason we have got our freedoms back is because the vast majority of us went out and got vaccinated."

Apparently, there are some topics you should and shouldn't discuss!

And there are fears it's only going to be made worse by lockdown.

Here's what will change this Friday, and what happens when the state reaches 90% double-dose vaccination 👇


The CFMEU has just released the following statement 👇

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"The Shrine of Remembrance is sacred, it is not a place of protest." We couldn't have said it better.

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NOW | Infectious diseases physician Peter Collignon says he hasn't "seen any evidence that this (COVID-19 strain) is really behaving differently". "The language being used, with, I think, a relative lack of evidence, is inducing a level of fear that is not warranted."

"It is worth noting (that) of the now close to a million – almost a million people who are double dosed with AstraZeneca – not a single one of them is in hospital." - Brett Sutton.

"There are 600 deaths to the flu each year and there are some 200,000 cases each year, and that doesn't shut down cities."

More than 3500 calls were made to @LifelineAust  on Thursday. It's the most calls the service has ever fielded in one day. Look after each other ❤️️

"This is not a union rally, this is a mob who are playing dress-up and are attempting to intimidate our whole city, and it's just not on." - Luke Hilakari (Victorian Trades Hall Council).

JUST IN | Daniel Andrews has just declared a "state of disaster" in six local government areas in East Gippsland and the Alpine regions as the bushfire crisis deepens. It's the first time it's ever happened. "If you can leave, you MUST leave. "We cannot guarantee your safety."

He says his son has since been placed in a coma, demanding the officer lose his job.

"Let me tell you, some of them aren't going to have a job to come back to after this lockdown is over. "They can go and pick fruit."