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Rudy Giuliani was allegedly caught in a compromising position in the new Borat film. That seems a little hard to believe. A Republican compromising?

Researchers have found that giant African Nile crocodiles actually migrated there from the Mediterranean. Asked where the 15 foot long carnivorous reptiles could go next, the scientists said, "Uhhh, wherever they want?"

A Canadian company has bought Rubik's Cube. Then they tried it once, got mad, & threw it in some drawer.

The world's longest flight, an 18-hour route between Singapore in New York, is back in operation. It gives you just long enough to finish chewing the airplane steak.

Trick-or-treaters are being advised to wear their face masks under their Halloween masks, for kids who are willing to suffocate in the name of candy.

Canadians don’t need an election during a pandemic.

A dog in Kitchener tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing is being conducted on all buttholes in proximity.

A survey suggests most Canadians want to wait until 2022 for an election, while the rest are Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau says the COVID-19 pandemic “really sucks” and also that Canada’s relationship with China “totes blows.”

Newfoundland announced they're planning a modified Santa Claus parade in St. John's at the end of November. Changes will include beer being served, everyone wearing green, and shamrocks being giv— wait a second, they're just trying to do the St. Patrick's Day parade they missed!


Trump says there is “no political necessity” for Canada to be in NAFTA. Canada responds that there’s no political necessity for Trump to be in the White House.

Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron sign bilateral agreement to only gossip about Trump in French from now on.

Andrew Scheer is the only party leader who skipped today's #climatestrike , but he insists he's doing his part by recycling Stephen Harper's campaign platform. #Compromise2019 

It’s impossible to pay the rent while working a full-time job for minimum wage, according to groundbreaking new research called math.

Ontario launches anti-carbon-tax TV ads paid for by taxpayers. Yes they're taking Ontarians' money to tell them someone else is taking their money.

TODAY'S WEATHER: Room temperature.