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For the millionth time: -WASH HANDS -STAY HOME -WATCH TIGER KING

Sesame Street will be launching coronavirus resources for kids and parents. Good luck getting Cookie Monster to stop touching his face!

Coronavirus closures have forced the P.E.I. tourism minister to admit he dyes his hair, but he maintains Anne of Green Gables is a natural redhead.

Canada will pay 75% of wages for businesses to keep workers on the payroll. Hopefully they don’t use the Phoenix pay system!

Harry and Meghan have left Canada and moved to California, which means the only Canadian royalty left is Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Bob Dylan has released a 17 minute song about the Kennedy assassination, in case you want your time indoors to feel even longer.

Today is National #RespectYourCatDay , so for God's sake, clean yourself up a little.

Domestic air and train travel is being denied to anyone experiencing cough, fever, or inability to take the hint they should stay home.

TODAY'S WEATHER: Room temperature.


Trump claims Canadians are smuggling shoes back to Canada due to high tariffs. It's more like we're helping those shoes start a new life in a better place.

Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron sign bilateral agreement to only gossip about Trump in French from now on.

Andrew Scheer is the only party leader who skipped today's #climatestrike , but he insists he's doing his part by recycling Stephen Harper's campaign platform. #Compromise2019 

It’s impossible to pay the rent while working a full-time job for minimum wage, according to groundbreaking new research called math.

Ontario launches anti-carbon-tax TV ads paid for by taxpayers. Yes they're taking Ontarians' money to tell them someone else is taking their money.

BREAKING: Donald Trump to slap huge tariffs on goods imported from the North Pole unless Santa brings elf jobs to America.