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Melania has not reached out to Jill Biden about a White House tour and other protocols, but there’s still time for one of the fake Melanias to do it.

Erin O’Toole has said there’s no room for ‘far right’ in the Conservative Party. Until he gets rid of Derek Sloan, then there’ll be an open spot.

Experts say working from home causes an increase in injuries. And yes, your butt falling asleep is considered an injury.

A dairy farmer has turned his manure pit into a skating rink for kids. Now they can smell what it’s really like to play for the Leafs.

Scientists say 2021 will be the shortest year in decades. The Mayans are checking their math and…ya! They agree!

Okay, now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted 4 years ago.

Mark chats with Canada’s Ambassador to the U.S. @KirstenHillmanA  about representing Canada at the Biden inauguration today.

Ontario will decide today when students can go back to class. Hmmm, should it be during COVID or after COVID?

Joe Biden is now in the White House, where he will be leaving the windows cracked for a day or two.


Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron sign bilateral agreement to only gossip about Trump in French from now on.

Doug Ford introduces new stay-at-home orders to a province that thought they were under strict stay-at-home orders.

Andrew Scheer is the only party leader who skipped today's #climatestrike , but he insists he's doing his part by recycling Stephen Harper's campaign platform. #Compromise2019 

At its current rate of vaccination, apparently Ontario would need 5.5 years to get 70% of Ontarians a single dose. One would think certain premiers would be more experienced at distributing drugs.

It’s impossible to pay the rent while working a full-time job for minimum wage, according to groundbreaking new research called math.

Ontario launches anti-carbon-tax TV ads paid for by taxpayers. Yes they're taking Ontarians' money to tell them someone else is taking their money.