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Be on the look out for GUAP TARATINO ..he next up 🦅

Stay tuned..launching 08.09 @ @12PM  EST

My bro Casino on to something with that Low Key video. #worldstar 

@YUNGBANS did it without a major deal....no excuses! The new generation winning and I salute any Yung nigga cashing out to buy they momma ah crib...MISUNDERSTOOD


Keep good energy in your circle..🦅

Surround yourself with people that want to see u happy.

It's gone b ok ok girl it's gone b ok

I want the best for u less stress for u.

How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media??

If u riding im riding with u. Love forever 🦅

U will get exhausted trying to make the wrong person happy.. #Hendrix 

Gods plan. Never give up on yourself