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Video: Five teens charged in assault of 13-year-old recorded on Snapchat
'Pure adrenaline': Jogger describes killing mountain lion with his bare hands
JPD searches for man accused of killing his wife
Court filing: Manafort faces more than 19 years in prison
Teacher charged with sexual battery involving student
Chris McDaniel mulling over running for governor in 2019
Attorney arrested on drug charge for second time, Richland police say
Comedian Dave Chappelle hand-delivers tickets to couple scammed on Craigslist
$1 trillion idea? Petition calls to sell Montana to Canada

The Most Relevant

“She said since he’s not here to see her to go to her prom, that she wanted a prom dress with his picture on it so she can take him with her.”
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Mississippi will not add domestic violence as grounds for divorce
17 days and 1,000 miles later, grieving orca lets go of her dead calf
Teen walks away from crash that split his car in two pieces
Rarest of them all: Iridescent white lobster caught off New England coast
Lawsuit: Teacher lowered student's grade because he stopped having sex with her
Sonic puts up sign asking customers to stop smoking weed in drive-thru
Jackson police searching for missing man since 2016
Student-athlete accusing a Jackson police officer of brutality
“To see the smile on her face was just priceless,” Tiffany Woodruff said in a message to 16 WAPT. “She was truly a daddy’s girl.”
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