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Production Designer Sir Ken Adam set a style, an attitude and a benchmark for all Bond films. This high-quality tote bag featuring one of his MOONRAKER (1979) set illustrations is exclusive to 007STORE. Get 10% off with code SALES10. https://t.co/cu2DQETFzt
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On #NationalHatDay, which Bond villain wears it best: Oddjob (GOLDFINGER) or Baron Samedi (LIVE AND LET DIE)?
This week our Focus is Gobinda (Kabir Bedi), the loyal henchman of Kamal Khan in OCTOPUSSY (1983). He will stop at nothing to track down his prey. Discover more at
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The best way to play golf in January must be indoors…
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Happy Birthday to 007’s golden girl Shirley Eaton. Shirley played Auric Goldfinger’s aide Jill Masterson in GOLDFINGER (1964).
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Counting down to the weekend like…
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There’s still 10% off all purchases with code SALES10. Find these 007 t-shirts and more at 007STORE. https://t.co/jlhkZdEgxg
Life hack: if you want to find out if someone’s been searching through your stuff…
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Today in 1976, Richard Maibaum and Christopher Wood completed the screenplay for THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977). It included cinema’s deadliest tea tray.
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Architecture and design platform Gooood have included #007Elements in their list of Best Museum and Gallery Projects of 2018! Will you be making a trip to the top of the Gaislachkogl Mountain, Solden this year?
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