Border Patrol made a drone video of the US-Mexico border wall but the video itself proves how dumb the wall is
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Congrats!! Well deserved!!
.@kfc follows 11 Herbs and Spices 🤣
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You keep hearing about blockchains, but what the heck are they?
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New DualShock 4 controller color revealed
The third and final spacewalk of the October series was completed at 6 hours and 49 minutes, 2:36 p.m. EDT.
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Expedition 53 @Astro_Komrade and@AstroAcaba completed a 6 hour, 49 minute spacewalk at 2:36 p.m. EDT.
Why Online Casinos Should Follow the Lead of Mobile Video Gaming Companies
Thanks to Michael Norton of the @HarvardHBS for getting us on our feet doing rituals today at #PopTech!
Apple sued by Japanese company that owns Animoji trademark
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@realDonaldTrump Not good? The UK is FAR SAFER than the USA (664 homicides in the UK vs 15,696 in the USA). You should look after your own failing country.
A case study in real fake news by @travismandrews.
IKEA engineers are pretending to live on Mars to help them design better furniture
Yes just look at that ridiculous hat in her picture, what kind of person would do that
Apple to stockpile 2-3M iPhone X units prior to launch, component shortage to ease in November
@realDonaldTrump However, the UK is a very safe country with a murder rate similar to Iceland and New Zealand. Why don't you fix your own fucking country?
@realDonaldTrump For reference, the USA is a dangerously unsafe country with a third-world murder rate comparable to African countries like Somalia....
Disappointed that the War on Diwali has been so effective that nobody at Target greeted me with “Happy Diwali!”
@realDonaldTrump In fact, the UK is far safer today than it used to be, now we no longer have to cope with US-financed white Christian terrorists. 😂😂😂
Lulu is no longer training, but was adopted by her handler & currently living her best life in retirement.
In the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon."
For the first time, astronomers detect gravitational waves from two neutron stars colliding
32 carries, 179 yards, 1 TD and taking down the last undefeated team. Have a day, @L_Bell26!
Sweater paws, anyone? 🍂 #BTS
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For the first time, scientists saw a gamma-ray burst caused by neutron stars colliding & saw the gravity wave:
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#CIAK9 Pupdate:
Sometimes, even after testing, our pups make it clear being an explosive detection K9 isn’t for them
Lulu wasn’t interested in searching for explosives.
Even when motivated w food & play, she was clearly no longer enjoying herself.
With the Roselyn Akombe resignation from IEBC, the chances of a credible fresh election taking place just went from minimal to unlikely
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