What's your favorite Final Fantasy game?
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There’s no shutting down the Russia investigation. Robert Mueller’s special counsel operation is funded through what is called a “permanent indefinite appropriation”.
Billionaire Valley VC drools over Chinese workaholism, their absence of time for fitness or seeing their kids, disinterest in debating equality. Calls Western sensibilities to such things “antiquated”. What a fucking toad. https://t.co/B6X75piGfg
Researchers Uncover Sophisticated Government-Sponsored Mobile Hacking Group — #DarkCaracal — Operating Since 2012 https://t.co/D4wAvl0XOj

Malware campaigns traced back to a building owned by the Lebanese Intelligence agency, GDGS.
Larger iPhone X Plus will boost weak demand this fall https://t.co/XS6i9WwReP
Two spacewalks are planned for Jan. 23 and 29 to swap and stow external robotics gear. @Astro_Sabot will go outside with @Astro_Maker and @Astro_Kanai. https://t.co/YIKGClda8t
@realDonaldTrump The whole world is laughing at the fact that America elected a racist reality TV star as president. The Fake News Awards are just one of the many reasons why most of the world has no respect for your presidency. You have the lowest approval rating ever. Resign!
Fingerprint readers are now INSIDE screens. 🙀
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AI is officially better than radiologists at finding abnormalities in finger and wrist x-rays. https://t.co/vigYvAw5rN
The distance between prosthetic and real is shrinking https://t.co/zO3r6CO224
The new @falloutboy album is finally here 🙌
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White House was insisting today’s event was NOT a campaign stop... BUT a certain president doesn’t seem to agree with his West Wing team.https://t.co/O7RtIsERBQ
Lara Croft is back in this brand-new trailer for #TombRaider 🔥🔥🔥
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A little positivity for the morning
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Season 4, Episode 11
Three years later, still ahead of his time.
R.I.P. A$AP Yams
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Watch this @TombRaiderMovie trailer and bask in the glory of Lara Croft: The shero 2018 needs and deserves https://t.co/H2ODOdMI1A
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Drone comes to the rescue of two swimmers in Australia https://t.co/h1SKlueSYQ by @etherington
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So tell us which way to go 🎵 https://t.co/6RgfgPtgEs (by @sabyarts) #JJProject
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2017 was the 2nd hottest year since 1880, when global measurements first became possible. 17 of the 18 warmest years in the modern record have now occurred since 2001, incl. 2016, which remains the warmest year since 1880. https://t.co/FSLsTsjmwr #globalwarming #climatechange
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You know how when you're a fast walker and the guy ahead of you is fast too but only 90% as fast as you, so you MUST pass him, but to pass him you have to walk comically faster than your normal speed, or else you'll be in his personal space too long as you pass? That's annoying.
Dragon Ball Fighterz game vs. the anime
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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr.
To Rotten Tomatoes, despite how it appears, I'm actually not dead.
Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy changed the world forever.
Hear his speeches and the songs that inspired him.
#NintendoLabo announced, the new Nintendo Switch "experience". 🤔
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Steve Jobs Introduced the MacBook Air Exactly 10 Years Ago Today https://t.co/6YAYSzXxK1 by @rsgnl
Rest in peace, Dolores O'Riordan.
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