"We're going to literally merge with this technology, with AI, to make us smarter. It already does." https://t.co/uD9OcFnhsc
This $150 mask beat Face ID on the iPhone X https://t.co/waRnlsbYXU
This 10-year-old was able to unlock his mom’s iPhone using Face ID https://t.co/rqsNGwwW3g
Google's Pixel Buds can help translate your conversations — but are they good at it?
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It's been 10 years since I first joined Twitter. #twitterbirthday
Why Online Casinos Should Follow the Lead of Mobile Video Gaming Companies
Here's what you need to know about the sensor-embedded "digital pill" that the FDA just approved https://t.co/U9IIiAFSEp
Two Instagram Friends Are a Little Too Alike in Short Film From LaCausa https://t.co/MbJzkJCpCc
AirPods make for a surprisingly useful iPhone stand https://t.co/sCtbOiAJN4
Sun-powered ovens are changing our concept of cooking
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The most ingenious gadgets of 2017 https://t.co/lvk08lphvU
We’re excited to watch "New Artist of the Year" nominee @NiallOfficial perform “Slow Hands” tomorrow at the #AMAs! There is still time to vote for him here: https://t.co/H7mtmrWsh0
Should clarify that this is the base model performance. There will be a special option package that takes it to the next level.
The wait is over! First teaser for #TheIncredibles2 has arrived! 🔥🔥🔥
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This is Tesla’s big new all-electric truck – the Tesla Semi https://t.co/HvVzsvKG8Z
Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS robot is now a backflipping cyborg supersoldier https://t.co/QTzs4nNzak
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Get ready for the #AMAs.
Stream music from the nominated artists & performers.
RIP Malcolm Young, one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time!
#ACDC #Legend #RIPMalcolm #saturdaymorning
This robot can perform backflips
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Life hack: I called Walgreens to check on something and got a lengthy ad for flu shots and I shouted “fuck OFF” and it took me right to the main menu
Watch the show being called "heartbreakingly real" and "one of the most accurate military portrayals." #LongRoadHome
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#JusticeLeague is a 100-story leap in the right direction. Here's our official movie review: https://t.co/F4847tAO8Z
Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS robot is now a backflipping cyborg supersoldier https://t.co/t99eGsNMAN
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What to expect from Tesla’s big electric truck reveal https://t.co/HW9fxXMTmp
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Boys from @BTS_twt are in the @OnWithMario studio...
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Going into plaid
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It can transform into a robot, fight aliens and make one hell of a latte
Turns out that fungus doesn't take over the ant's brain, as thought, but rather creates an internal network of fungus cells that controls the limbs. "The ant ends its life as a prisoner in its own body. Its brain is still in the driver’s seat, but the fungus has the wheel."https://t.co/ZIUOOvHHVB
Thirteen members.
#SEVENTEEN is their name.
Teen, Age is the new album from @pledis_17.
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