Snapchat is selling a new, water-resistant version of Spectacles for $150
Police are appealing for public assistance to help locate teen Ty Diaz. The 14-year-old was reported missing on 27 March.
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Ronny Jackson has stepped aside, but President Trump has another highly qualified candidate with equally deep management experience waiting in the wings:
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No human could assess the damage in Fukushima's reactor without receiving a lethal dose of radiation. Even the robots couldn't hack it—until the Sunfish
Photos claim to show redesigned iPhone SE 2 with glass back for wireless charging, headphone jack remains by @bzamayo
How To Avoid Accidentally Buying A Stolen Phone – 5 Tips
How to save your eyes from screens
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Horror movie A Quiet Place is getting a sequel
Nintendo’s annual profit rockets by 500% after selling 15M Switch consoles by @jonrussell
We’re giving away a Limited Edition #GodOfWar PS4 Pro by @PlayStationUK! (UK Only)
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IFTTT raises $24M led by Salesforce to expand its platform to ‘connect everything’ by @ingridlunden
Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon
Don’t make me use my space lasers …
Google Massively Redesigned #Gmail Service – Here's a List of Amazing New Features (Security, Productivity and Performance) That You Must Know

New Gmail is More Smarter, Secure, and Easier to Use.
Marvel's #SpiderMan on PS4 "Iron Spider Suit" has been revealed!
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Hackers designed a new way to unlock millions of hotel rooms doors
I feel the need to issue a friendly reminder to my friends on both sides of the political aisle that Kanye is a master of attention and all this is part of it. Lefties: Stop getting outraged about how he's allegedly "redpilled." Righties: No, he isn't really on your team now.
a situation that kris jenner does not have control over terrifies me
I wish you so much happiness ❤️
I know … such an underserved market
Breaking my twitter hiatus to whisper in your ear: #KingofScars cover reveal coming this Monday! Not sure what time (and my predictions are usually completely wrong) but GET YOUR EYEBALLS READY 😍💀👑
Happy birthday to the psychic professor with the best hair, James McAvoy! 🎁
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First time playing @FortniteGame and I get hit by a Boogie Bomb ? Lol wtf ?
Leaked footage actually shows Tom Hardy as Venom
Gmail’s biggest redesign is now live
In recognition of yesterday's #Fandometrics results, the time has come to choose. Which fandom will you align with? #BTS #beyonce
Let your hips roll and do the Calypso to @LiamPayne and @JBALVIN’s new Familiar video on Today’s Top Hits 💃 👉
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Proud ARMY now until forever!
J. Cole breaks Apple Music’s first-day streaming record in the US
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