Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 8 With Dual Rear Cameras and 6.3-Inch AMOLED ‘Infinity Display’ by @mbrsrd
New Model X SUV now faster than a $500k Lamborghini
Here's #Overwatch's NEW animated short "Rise and Shine" featuring Mei! #Gamescom
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Facebook users can now take 360 photos from within the app
That's a SpaceX engineer in there, not me
New Era is Coming: Social IoT Revolution
A newly published paper shows that Exxon knew climate change was real and man-made, but publicly touted the opposite
Talk about out of this world. 51 years ago today, @NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 1 gave us the very photo of Earth from the Moon. 🌏
iPhone 8 Event Date Rumored for September 12, With Device Launching September 22 by @mbrsrd
From metal to hip-hop to country, and every genre in between. Here’s to 10 years of musical hashtags on Twitter #Hashtag10.
What it felt like for Hillary to have Trump try to physically intimidate her on national TV.
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First picture of SpaceX spacesuit. More in days to follow. Worth noting that this actually works…
10 years ago today the hashtag was born on Twitter. 🎂 #Hashtag10
Elon Musk reveals first official photo of SpaceX spacesuit
Ace. Goal. Strike. Touchdown. Grand Slam. Nothing but net. Here’s to 10 years of undefeated sports hashtags on Twitter #Hashtag10.
Warner Bros. Aiming To Produce Joker Origins Movie With Martin Scorsese -
16 hours
"CNN does not want its falling viewership to watch what I'm saying," the president says, live on CNN
Which hashtags have mattered most to you? #Hashtag10
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Yeah. It's kinda disgusting, but my boys and I love it :)
Your first look at the #GalaxyNote8 🙌
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Hellboy, Raiden, and Black Manta join the Injustice 2 roster! #Injustice2
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Millions of people saw #Eclipse2017 but only six people saw the umbra, or the moon's shadow, over the United States from space today.
It's the moon, sunspots AND the station in front of the sun. @NASA photographer captures station transiting sun during #Eclipse2017
I can't hide the truth any more …
Anyone still think the Earth is flat ?
Android meets @Oreo for the sweetest treat yet. #AndroidOreo is smarter, faster, & more powerful. Open Wonder:
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Watching eclipse with sunglasses on through the Model S glass roof. Wow!
As Earth spins, the eclipse shadow races 1,400 miles an hour along a line called the path of totality. #SolarEclipse2017
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