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PLEASE RT: #Wanted poster for Eulalio Tordil. Sources say he could be a suspect in today's shootings in Mont. Co.
Convicted felon, Angel DeLeon, is #wanted for his role in two murders, & the #FBI wants your help to track him down
WOW! New Artist Video & New Artist Single of the year! #wanted THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS! YOU are amazing! Thank You SO MUCH! #ForTheLoveOfMusic
@SfcAlby @_reecebfc Poster positioned in away turnstiles. #Wanted
PLEASE RT: #Wanted poster for Eulalio Tordil. Police say license plate is JZA0123.
Today is your last day to find a top ten most #wanted #fugitive before 2017. Call 1-800-CALL-FBI to submit a tip.
Mustafa AHMED, 28 yrs old, of Ottawa, #wanted in relation to the homicide on August 14 on Dalhousie Street. #ottnews
Paulo Dybala’s first season at Juventus:
23 goals
9 assists
#WANTED for attempted rape of a 19-yr-old woman at 13th & Wharton. He forced her to ground-she fought.
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