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Michael Rowland
breaking abcnews vicvotes
BREAKING @abcnews #vicvotes
Antony Green
am i the only person in australia who does live tv while monitoring an ftp server vicvotes
Am I the only person in Australia who does live TV while monitoring an ftp server? #vicvotes
Antony Green
release the kraken vicvotes madashell
Release the Kraken!! #vicvotes #madashell
ABC Radio Melbourne
breaking abc election analyst antonygreenabc says victorianlabor will win the victorian election vicvotes vice
BREAKING: ABC Election Analyst @AntonyGreenABC says @VictorianLabor will win the Victorian Election.

#VicVotes #VicElection2018
Richard Willingham
just overheard a greens volunteer complain north fitzroy ps had no vegetarian sausages springst abcmelbourne v
Just overheard a Greens volunteer complain North Fitzroy PS had no vegetarian sausages #springst @abcmelbourne #VicVotes
Bill Shorten
well done to all the volunteers handing out in rain or shine and good luck to danandrews and his team vicvotes
Well done to all the volunteers handing out in rain or shine - and good luck to @DanAndrews and his team. #Vicvotes
Andrew Lund
shellfish outside leaders debate venue in frankston vicvotes
Shellfish outside leaders debate venue in Frankston #VicVotes
The Age
@theage 3 months
this electoral map shows labor s dominance in the 2018 victorian election springst vicvotes
This electoral map shows Labor's dominance in the 2018 Victorian election: #springst #vicvotes
ABC News
@abcnews 3 months
victorian election result shows labor landslide with big swings in melbourne vicvotes
Victorian election result shows Labor landslide with big swings in Melbourne #vicvotes
Antony Green
madashell preparing for vicvotes on saturday night
#madashell preparing for #vicvotes on Saturday night
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