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beware get your pet vaccinated today rabies can not be cured infection health tips
#Beware : Get your Pet #vaccinated today.

#Rabies can not be cured -
#Infection #Health #tips
Anderson Cooper 360°
if you are not vaccinated amp come in contact with measles you have a 90 chance of infection drsanjaygupta
If you are not #vaccinated & come in contact with #measles you have a 90% chance of infection - @drsanjaygupta
vaccinated populations can get flu
#Vaccinated populations can get #flu
@CDCFlu 4 years
the holidays are just around the corner protect yourself amp loved ones from flu by getting vaccinated today
The #holidays are just around the corner! Protect yourself & loved ones from #flu by getting #vaccinated today.
kids should get vaccinated if they re going to school with others yukisayswoof sign amp share if you agree
"Kids should get #vaccinated if they're going to school with others." -@Yukisayswoof. Sign & share if you agree:
Steven BRODY Stevens
at this daycare the kids rock out to korn progressive vaccinated
At this daycare, the kids rock out to Korn. #progressive #vaccinated
ABC7 News
ca s new vaccination law now in effect meaning almost every child must be vaccinated before attending school
#CA's new #vaccination law now in effect, meaning almost every #child must be #vaccinated before attending #school:
Health Impact News
studies outside the us show unvaccinated children healthier than vaccinated children vaccines
Studies Outside the U.S. Show #Unvaccinated Children Healthier than #Vaccinated Children #Vaccines
⚡️Laura LaRue⚡️?
19 park city kids get whoopingcough all 19 were vaccinated no sb277 canpan cdcwhistleblower dateline news
19 Park City Kids Get #WhoopingCough. All 19 Were #Vaccinated #NO #SB277 #CanPAN #CDCwhistleblower #dateline #News
Texas Medical Assoc.
less than half of us kids under age two fully vaccinated against flu reuters
Less than half of U.S. kids under age two fully #vaccinated against #flu | Reuters
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