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Well done to everyone who took on the #ContiThunderRun at the weekend. #TR24 #UKRunChat RT if you took part!
29 things that happen to every Great North runner @BuzzFeed #GreatNorthRun #UKRunChat
Want to take up running? Here are some quick tips to get you started: #ukrunchat
Adding this to your #GreatNorthRun medal collection or will this be your first one to show off? #ukrunchat
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Read how Helen went from heart surgery to running the London marathon: #ukrunchat
Training for a marathon? Check out our handy running zone for top tips! #ukrunchat
Filming for the haunch of the #runtogether campaign. Check the hashtag to see what it's all about! #ukrunchat
Get prepped for #GreatNorthRun with our handy checklist 👉 #ukrunchat
Looking for a place in the London Marathon? We have places left. Reg fee is only £50 #teamSJA #UKRunChat @UKRunChat
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