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Tonight I signed the law that bans sanctuary cities in Texas. Stiff penalties for violators. #txlege #tcot
Today I cut funding to Travis County because of its Sanctuary City policy. Stiffer penalties coming soon. #txlege
RT if you think it should be a crime if sheriffs allow sanctuary city policies that endanger Texans. #txlege #tcot
Happy birthday to the Texas flag. Long live Texas. #txlege
RT if you agree the Texas House should pass the bill today to ban sanctuary cities. #txlege #tcot
RT to thank Texas House for voting to ban sanctuary cities & impose jail time for offending officials. #txlege #tcot
I have declared Feb. 2 to be Chris Kyle Day in Texas. We honor our military heroes. @ChrisKyleFrog #txlege #tcot
Arrest warrant issued in West Dallas voter fraud case. Vote stealers are going to face justice. #txlege #tcot
Vote fraud conviction in Texas. A non-citizen who illegally voted in two elections was found guilty. #txlege #tcot
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