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ABC7 Eyewitness News
a tornado in la the terrifying twister captured by an eyewitness news viewer next at 6pm
A #tornado in L.A.? The terrifying #twister captured by an Eyewitness News viewer. Next at 6pm
Pretty Little Liars
watch out for flying cows abcfamily has twister at 8 30 7 30c tonight
Watch out for flying cows! @ABCFamily has #Twister at 8:30/7:30c tonight!
Pretty Little Liars
storm chase with twister at 5 4c then you have a ticket to titanic at 7 30 6 30c on abcfamily
Storm chase with #Twister at 5/4c! Then, you have a ticket to #Titanic at 7:30/6:30c on @ABCFamily!
Pretty Little Liars
go on a heart pounding adventure with abcfamily tonight first storm chase with twister at 5 30 4 30c then surv
Go on a heart-pounding adventure with @ABCFamily tonight! First, storm chase with #Twister at 5:30/4:30c, then survive #Titanic at 8/7c!
Pretty Little Liars
take shelter in front of your televisions abcfamily has twister at 6 30 5 30c followed by forrestgump
Take shelter in front of your televisions! @ABCFamily has #Twister at 6:30/5:30c, followed by #ForrestGump!
Pretty Little Liars
there goes a flying cow on abcfamily don t miss twister at 8 30 7 30c tonight
There goes a flying cow on @ABCFamily! Don't miss #Twister at 8:30/7:30c tonight!
did you also see it webdeskinq inqmetro dmaliwanaginq twister manilabay
Did you also see it? @WebDeskINQ @InqMetro @DMaliwanagINQ #twister #ManilaBay
Warner Bros. UK
whos watching twister on itv youre calling that a storm go intothestorm 20th august
Who’s watching #Twister on ITV?
You’re calling *that* a storm? Go #IntoTheStorm 20th August.
Warner Bros. UK
1996 twister gave us flying cows 2014 intothestorm brings flying lorries blowing into cinemas 20th august
1996: #Twister gave us flying cows.
2014: #IntoTheStorm brings flying lorries. Blowing into cinemas 20th August!
CNN Breaking News
possible twister tears through northeast texas
Possible #twister tears through northeast #Texas
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