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Ahhh #tucson you guys were loud! Thank you for an amazing night!!
In #Tucson visiting @ShuttleCDRKelly today. I've been closer to the sun, but this is hotter. #Seriously?
MORE lighting in Tucson, as seen from the I-10 near Congress. #Tucson #AzTraffic
SPC Outlook for Sunday highlighting an above normal risk for severe weather in our area. #azwx #Tucson #Monsoon2018
MELANIA IN TUCSON: @FLOTUS gets off of her plane at Davis-Monthan AFB in #Tucson
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JUST IN: Melania Trump has landed at Davis-Monthan AFB in #Tucson
Awesome to welcome @billclinton back to #Tucson to talk about why we're with @HillaryClinton! Next stop: Phoenix!
Congrats to @UofA grad Lujendra Ojha, who first spotted evidence of water on #Mars as undergrad in #Tucson - #Arizona is very proud! #NASA
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