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Donovan would have finished that. #troll
the #Troll is apart of who these new rappers are... I wish #bars & great music were too
You should be working on your life instead of being a #troll But thanks for the reminder.
Watching cable news normalize President-elect #Troll is like sticking your head in a blender filled with perfumed gas station toilet water.
Hades gets under Kingston's skin way too easily. #Troll #Lol #CalmDown
Topless photo? Yeah right. @LanaWWE got you all!
#Troll #MEMEdayNightRAW #RAW
I talk fast for a living. You can't sass on my level. #Troll hunting is in my (hobbit) blood. Spin you like a top and then on to the next.
This is what the glade looks like #mazerunner #troll
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