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NEW: A #tornado watch is in effect for South FL and the Florida Keys until 12 a.m. EDT, including Key West & Miami.
It's not everyday that you see this. A #Blizzard warning & #Tornado Watch in the same state at the same time
#Tornado and hail spotted near the OR Tambo International Airport by Evan Baillie. KS
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NEW: #Tornado watch issued for southern IN, northern KY and southwest/central OH until 8 pm EDT.
A #tornado in L.A.? The terrifying #twister captured by an Eyewitness News viewer. Next at 6pm
An EF3 #tornado has touched down in Wyoming for the first time in over 30 years:
🌪️🌪️The stunning power of nature, look at this #tornado forming in Sainapuchi, Mexico 🌪️🌪️ Credit: @InfobaeAmerica
It's settled! I leave for Hattiesburg, MS in the morning. Merry Christmas to all & may this #severe 4cast underachieve. #tornado #travel
Confirmed #tornado west of #Tulsa. Tornado warning includes downtown Tulsa. #okwx
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