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We asked the Education Minister for a copy of her son's homework. In the meantime, someone else found it. #skpoli
No to carbon tax.Yes to trade. @PremierBradWall standing up for SK at premiers’ mtgs #skpoli
Landlords' fears about pot-growing renters overblown: horticulture expert #yqr #sask #skpoli via @Ashleighmattern
Retweet if you are proud of @PremierBradWall stepping up to defend SK's interests on the national stage: #skpoli
"SK will investigate all options to mitigate one of largest tax increases in Cdn history" - @PremierBradWall #skpoli
Rob Clarke drops out of @saskparty leadership race #skpoli
STC Min Joe Hargrave says government got about $25m for all bus company assets valued at $25.6m #skpoli
Remember that info the govt refused to make public despite @saskipc rulings? @gleocbc got it anyway #skpoli
#skpoli @SaskPower 'highly unlikely' to recommend further carbon capture projects
BREAKING: Rob Clarke quits @SaskParty race and endorses @kencheveld #skpoli
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