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No to carbon tax.Yes to trade. @PremierBradWall standing up for SK at premiers’ mtgs #skpoli
Retweet if you are proud of @PremierBradWall stepping up to defend SK's interests on the national stage: #skpoli
"SK will investigate all options to mitigate one of largest tax increases in Cdn history" - @PremierBradWall #skpoli
Congratulations to the next #skpldr and Premier of Saskatchewan, @ScottMoeSK. #skpoli
Premier Scott Moe says Sask. also considering cutting B.C. off from gas over pipeline delay #skpoli #ableg #bcpoli
.@PremierBradWall gains support from other premiers against nat'l carbon tax imposed by fed govt. #skpoli #cdnpoli
Saskatchewan premier commits to fighting carbon tax in court #yqr #sask #skpoli #carbontax #cdnpoli
From WORST job creation record in Cda under @Sask_NDP to now 2nd best in the nation. Let's keep #SaskStrong #skpoli
An open letter to @PremierBradWall from a young Saskatchewan rancher: #skpoli
.@Sask_NDP record:
❌52 hosptls closed
❌176 schools shutdwn
❌Econ declne
❌Young ppl leavng
#LetsNeverGoBack #skpoli
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