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Lol at Kasabian slagging off one direction again.. I personally have never witnessed a more embarrassing band than... Kasabian. #shade
@richysquirrel watching his own choreography+staging for Sheibe, utters "If I was in the front row and saw that, i would kill myself" #shade
Hey @realdonaldtrump. Tweet away. xx @HillaryClinton. #DemsinPhilly #shade
@tyleroakley pshh you wish bitch! Uhh uhhh! #shade #gayslang
Obama: "I know because I won both of them." #sotu #shade
Pop on Ginobili: "He'll be fine....or, he's out for the rest of the playoffs." #shade
I'm up in the A, you're so so lame,
And no one here, even mentions your name. #shade
Can I just say I fuckin love talking to you guys ❤️ but the #shade police has gotta get some rest now❤️ #dyslexicandproud
Alaska Thunderf*ck (@Alaska5000) Throws Serious #Shade In The North East Of England (REVIEW)
"I know 'cause I won both of them" #BURN #SHADE #SOTU
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