"This isn't how we do things in this country." The most #sendtheinterns clip yet. Watch: https://t.co/3E9MoDcxLy
My original #sendtheinterns post is from January. https://t.co/BtTIkbiw2x Today's "send the interns" link is... https://t.co/NfANtOsTwk
With the @whca dinner and Trump's "100 days means nothing, I did more than anyone in 100 days" rally, Saturday is peak #sendtheinterns
Today's #sendtheinterns quote. From: 'Is Trump trolling the White House press corps?' https://t.co/exMVtqfQTt
Today's #sendtheinterns quote. From: "Is Trump trolling the White House press corps?" https://t.co/exMVtqfQTt
Instead of starlets CNN will, in a way, #sendtheinterns to the White House Correspondents dinner. https://t.co/J0Pc6n4KiG Via @93skedoo
Here's the part of my post from December where I recommended #sendtheinterns and "outside in" White House reporting. https://t.co/iLVJjEuP9A
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