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19-year-old boy awarded death sentence by a Court in Alwar earlier today, for raping a 7-month-old girl. #Rajasthan
The video is just too horrible .. but this is the killer #rajasthan #hatecrime #horror
MLAs sleep in #Rajasthan state assembly during presentation of budget
People staged a protest in Bharatpur as there has been no electricity in their area for the past 4 days. #Rajasthan
A #Rajasthan village which celebrates each girl child with 111 trees
Way To Go! Shahnaaz Khan Becomes First Female Sarpanch Of #Rajasthan Village

#WomenEmpowerment #Femalesarpanch
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Jodhpur: Sub Inspector Mahendra Chaudhary who was injured in #SC_ST_Act protests yesterday, succumbs to his injuries. #Rajasthan
Local @INCIndia worker booked for repeatedly #raping 15-year-old girl in #Rajasthan
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