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Is it possible that Australia could have a Muslim majority? @mehdirhasan responds #QandA
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Let's remind ourselves the current citizenship saga is about politicians failure to follow the clearly stated rules. #qanda
Hmm let's do a #QandA today, shall we? Reply with questions and I'll answer 😬😘💕
Turnbull - wow. Showing what a cranky prick everyone who has worked with him says he is #qanda
#QChoose #Spin - I think Joe Hockey was unconvincing on #Budget2015 on #QandA tonight - Just more #HockeySpin
we are all Brian Cox's bemused exasperation #qanda
Government debt burst above half a trillion dollars on Turnbull's watch. On track to hit $725 billion and he wants to give tax cuts? #qanda
Phew. Looks like ABC soft questioning of Turnbull has left out any references to the economy, govt debt, the budget and wages #qanda
548 Days After A Teen Died Doing Work For The Dole, The Government Still Hasn't Given Answers | @WorkmanAlice #QandA
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