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Watchin @justinbieber do interviews. #pro
so @JoshDevineDrums sent me a mix of r stuff w @sandybeales that has his new drums, he recorded them himself & THEY. ARE. FIRE. #pro
Got a DM from the #Pro @pinklipstixxx #Team explaining that the final decision is on the judges. #Congrats @wilkejen
#USMNT @TimHowardGK doing the morning show circuit after last night's record-breaking performance. #Pro #1N1T
Great to see @marcmarquez93 really immersing himself into the role of tour guide today 😂 #Pro

@DaniCim I didn't even have to translate this I'm a #pro
How many Dad's out there have this Tekkers when it comes to bottle time! #Pro #Onehandonly #Delilah #Love
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