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Listen up! Check out our new podcast all about the power of audio for brands. #PowerofAudio
Introducing our #PowerofAudio #podcast where we explore the important role of a Sonic Identity for brands.
#PowerOfAudio Audio matters now more than ever! @webby2001 from @edisonresearch talks the shifting #audio landscape…
#PowerOfAudio "Without music, Jaws isn't scary. It's just a big rubber fin." - @amillionads #advertising
The holy grail is getting the right audio ad to the right person at the right time. Pandora gets this right. @veritonic_inc #powerofaudio
#PowerOfAudio 1 in 5 #GenZ's have earbuds in 7+ hours per day. That's longer than a school day. - @LaceyLizp…
#PowerOfAudio "If you make [your ads] musical, it becomes more memorable." via @amillionads
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