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"'Slipping away' could be misunderstood. 'Death' is the word, can we use it please?" #PatientsIncluded #BMJresponse
"I don’t like upside down language. I didn't know positive results are bad & negative is good" #PatientsIncluded
"Even asking one personal question can let patients know that we don’t view them as simply labels" #PatientsIncluded
Great talk: REshaping the future of health and medicine, from @LucienEngelen @reshape with #PatientsIncluded #xMed
A charter launches today to help encourage patient participation in med conf #patientsincluded @BMJPatientEd
It's a pleasure to congratulate #SolentConf17 on being the FIRST EVER #NHS official #PatientsIncluded event! Details
"If you are a patient in bed it is impossible to read name badges hanging from belts" #PatientsIncluded #BMJresponse
"Drs’ commitment to doing what they think best for patients is a barrier to attitudinal change" #PatientsIncluded
"It is possible to be on the brink of death & also mentally capable" #BMJresponse #PatientsIncluded
New #PatientsIncluded 'Healthcare facility patient info leaflets' charter proposal discussion document Please share!
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