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Thank U Chicago!! See you 9/14 at @chicagolndspdwy at the #NASCAR pre-race concert -
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Thank you Brian France, Bill Elliott, @chaseelliott, @DavidRagan, & @RyanJNewman! #NASCAR #Trump2016 #VoteTrump
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Who wants to win a copy of #NASCARHeat3? RT and reply with your console and we’ll pick a winner! #NASCAR
Vote for my buddy @austindillon3 this one is a no brainer! #nascar
Retweet to congratulate @Kenny_Wallace on one heck of a #NASCAR career!
RT to help us wish Coach a Happy Birthday! 🎂🎊🎉

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RETWEET & FOLLOW for a chance to win a #Goodys500 race flag signed by @DaleJr!

#NASCAR #JrNation #FueledbySunoco
RETWEET to congratulate @KevinHarvick on his 1st career #NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship!
We #di9 this!

@chaseelliott captures his first career #NASCAR Cup Series win!
Retweet to congratulate @DaleJr for winning his 2nd race of 2014!

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