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Our fans really are amazing ! Thank you so much for your amazing support ! 3 EMA's !! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! #MTVEMA
Ohhhhh shit ! Thanks so much for voting !! You guys are fucking amazing. Yet again put a massive smile on my face. Love you all ! #MTVEMA
Here we go! Can't wait to perform @MTVEMA #mtvema
Canada is so proud of you @justinbieber for your Best Male #MTVEMA WIN! SIXTH time in a row! Congratulations!
Shawn Mendes performs an electrifying "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" at the #MTVEMA
So happy to announce I’ll be performing at this year’s @mtvema's in London!! 🇬🇧 #MTVEMA
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Quick follow spree!!! RT!!! #MTVEMA #NominateAustinMahone LETS GOOOOOOO
Please have mercy on my heart, @ShawnMendes ❤️ #MTVEMA
YES! Our local #MTVEMA winner is @JustinBieber! Now vote him in the North American category:
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