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#Antifa buys a full page ad in @nytimes calling for overthrow of Trump! MSM says this doesn't exist. #Nov4 #msmFAIL
Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked - #msmFail #infowars
The media has been silent about a massive human trafficking ring in Florida that was recently busted- #maga #msmFAIL
The MSM is nothing but propaganda outlets for the global elite - #msmFAIL #fakenews
CNN’s #FakeNews about James Comey’s testimony backfired big time - #msmFAIL #ComeyDay
Infowars correctly predicted Priebus' ouster, CNN got it completely wrong - #msmFAIL #infowars
Watch Donald Trump disavow David Duke, the KKK and all racists, over and over again, dating back 17 years! #msmFAIL
Mark Dice lays out exactly what levels the media has descended to in their war against liberty - #msmFAIL
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