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Spanish Foreign Minister @AlfonsoDastisQ says pictures of Spanish police beating Catalans is 'fake news' #marr
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Five things you need to know about Dominic Raab, the man Theresa May has chosen to lead her Tory Brexit. #marr
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Michael Fallon says "We have more in common with the DUP than the other parties." Gay-hating, anti-choice, terrorist-sympathisers. #Marr
Tony Blair is so grotesquely shameless about immigration.
HE opened the door.
HE caused the problem. #marr
I'm on the #Marr show at 9am setting out how we'll stop @Theresa_May serving the interests of the few & how Labour would deliver #ForTheMany
It's up to you, Tory supporters. Either you condemn an alliance with gay-hating terrorist sympathisers, or you are tarred forever. #Marr
Sofa chat with Michael Fallon and @EmilyThornberry #marr
Donald Trump's #Brexit advice to Theresa May?

"He told me I should sue the EU" #Marr
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Former Conservative PM Sir John Major is asked whether the party's factions can continue to co-exist #marr
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.@theresa_may refuses to say whether she knew about Trident misfire before Commons speech and vote #marr
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