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Beliebers....pure passion. It is impressive. I won't call you fans again. :) #lessonlearned
I forgot to turn off notifications. Twitter sent me an email for each:


47 gigs of notifications. #lessonlearned
First time actually making a checklist of things I need to do to get ready for the Tour.
Why have I not done this before????
Okay guys I need all of your positive vibes that my passport makes it and has a safe flight across the country! Ahaha 😆🙈🙏🏽 #lessonlearned
Too many speech tweets earlier today? #lessonlearned #transparency
If Michigan St advances & Magic Johnson blows off reporters while going on the court to celebrate, he better be credentialed #LessonLearned
All this time I've been donating to food banks and muscular dystrophy and I could have been having orgies :( #lessonlearned
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