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Lets go have some fun at The Brits Tonight Hooligans!! #London #MarsHasLanded #JeremyKyle #What?
Don't miss tomorrow's #jeremykyle show. RT if you're going to be watching!
Someone needs to have the birds and the bees conversation with our #JeremyKyle ... @markmcdsnp 👏 #babybox
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“@emmawithane_: @jackwhitehall's let himself go #jeremykyle ” living the dream
Big up to @Stormzy1 for giving Matilda the best personalised message! She loved it! #jeremykyle
Jeremy isn't lost for words very often! That's one way to do it! #JeremyKyle
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Ever wondered how Jeremy starts his day? Take a look at @ITV 's brand new promo #jeremykyle
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