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4 months
Forget Christmas, this is the ONLY date you need to remember this year.

Sunday 19th November. #ImACeleb
Hey #ImACeleb ... if there’s any Bushtucker trials Jack doesn’t want to do, I’d be happy to.. “cover”.. for him. #JungleJack
Awwww Iain if only you knew how loved you were, you beautiful soul ❤️ #ImACeleb
3 months
Find someone who hugs you the way Dec hugs Ant 😍 😍 😍

#ImACeleb @imacelebrity @antanddec
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#imaceleb hosted by Arsehole and Dick 😧😧
Looking into rumours that Robert Mugabe is going to be a surprise addition to the #ImACeleb jungle. Good luck voting him out.
On our way in for show 1! Can’t wait! D
I bet Jamie Vardy is made up it’s Dennis Wise in #ImACeleb and not John Terry...
Aaaaaaannnddd, we’re off!! It’s good to be back.
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