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Even during a #blizzard the weather balloon must be launched @NWSQuadCities! #iawx
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Widespread accumulating snow and wind still on track to arrive Friday afternoon into Saturday! #iawx
AWESOME video of early AM #meteor! This video is from Plover, WI. #swiwx #wiwx #mnwx #iawx #miwx
The NWS has rated the Pella, Iowa tornado an EF-3 with winds of 144 mph. Other information will be released as it becomes available. #iawx
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Friday and Friday night as snow spreads across the region. #iawx #newx
Much colder air on the way by Friday and into next weekend! #iawx
Updated snowfall forecast graphic. Remember with ice and snow, take it slow! #iawx #ilwx #mowx
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