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When you find out @5SOS is opening #iHeartRadioJingleBall tonight! Make sure you are ready at 7:30PM ET / 4:30 PT!
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i cannot believe we just played Madison square garden. #iHeartRadioJingleBall @iHeartRadio @Z100NewYork YOU GUYS ARE LITERALLY THE BEST
Going to be on #iHeartRadioJingleBall tour this December ! Dates & cities here
Ah! @shawnmendes is at our #mistletoecam. Will he kiss it or diss it? #iHeartRadioJingleBall
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Sassy, Stunning, Spectacular. @FifthHarmony #iHeartRadioJingleBall #iHeart5H
#MendesArmy, could you have had a better day? See you on the road @ShawnMendes! #iHeartRadioJingleBall
Can't wait to see you Friday @AllyBrooke! #WeLoveYouAlly #iHeartRadioJingleBall
BACK BENDING AMAZINGNESS! @AllyBrooke #iHeartRadioJingleBall #iHeart5H @FifthHarmony
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