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I don’t need femimis can’t believe feminists are celebrating a woman LOSING an election simply because she’s a FASCIST! #hypocrites #oui
Not sure Cooks back could fit anymore knives in , some from people I can't remember mastering the art of batting or captaincy #hypocrites
>I see all the toxic scum who called him a Turnip, and hounded Graham Taylor, are now praising him #hypocrites
Republicans outraged by '4 American deaths' in Benghazi.
But 32,000 American deaths from guns a year in U.S. ?
No problem. #hypocrites
If KP called Strauss a 'c**t' on air, cricket media would destroy him. But they're all 'feeling sorry' for 'poor Straussy'. #Hypocrites
Libs outraged over Benghazi investigation costing $7M. About Obamas yearly $8M Hawaii vaycays? Silence. #hypocrites
Here's Leonardo DiCaprio, contemplating global warming with his advisors. #hypocrites
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